Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded handgun in public committee room…and other headlines: January 27, 2017

A Kansas legislator confirms that he left a loaded handgun under a table in a Statehouse committee room that is open to the public. Republican Rep. Willie Dove insists it was an accident, ... Continue Reading →

Special election to fill Pompeo’s vacated seat is set…and other headlines: January 25, 2017

Governor Brownback sets a special election for April 11th to fill Mike Pompeo’s former seat in congress. He’s now head of the CIA after getting confirmation from the U.S. Senate. ... Continue Reading →

Program to get children out of juvenile detention centers stalled…and other headlines: January 24, 2017

A Kansas lawmaker says a program focused on getting more children out of juvenile detention centers and into foster care is falling behind schedule. Republican Rep. Russ Jennings claims ... Continue Reading →

Legislators tackling budget issues…and other headlines: January 19, 2017

Kansas legislators slammed Governor Sam Brownback’s accounting move to mask a hole in the state budget, then signaled they may approve it anyway. The House and Senate budget committees ... Continue Reading →

Thousands still without power due to ice storm…and other headlines: January 17, 2017

Several thousand people in the Dodge City area are still without power after that ice storm coated the region during the weekend. The Victory Electric Cooperative out of Dodge City ... Continue Reading →

Winter weather headlines the Today in Kansas Report: January 16, 2017

Much of Kansas continues dealing with the effects of a winter storm that brought freezing rain and sleet to much of the state, along with snow in parts of Kansas today. Early estimates ... Continue Reading →

Winter Storm to impact entire state…and other headlines: January 13, 2017

Meteorologists expect an ice storm impacting most of Kansas this weekend to be one of the worst in the past decade. An inch or more of ice accumulation is expected in some parts of ... Continue Reading →

Headlines from the Today in Kansas Report: January 12, 2017

An aide to Governor Brownback is suggesting that the Kansas Senate’s top GOP leader supports “unfair” tax increases and “punishing” spending cuts to balance the state budget. ... Continue Reading →

Governor delivers State-of-the-State address…and other headlines: January 11, 2017

Governor Brownback is calling on lawmakers to pass school choice measures and reiterating his support for merit pay for teachers. The governor expressed his support for initiatives ... Continue Reading →

Bill being drafted to repeal income tax cut…and other headlines: January 10, 2017

As expected, a Kansas House committee is drafting a bill to repeal an income tax cut for farmers and business owners that was championed by Governor Brownback. The Taxation Committee ... Continue Reading →
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