Joe Vyzourek KXXX

Joe Vyzourek grew up on the family farm near McDonald, Kansas.  While growing up, Joe grew to appreciate the importance broadcasters have to a rural community, and knowledge of what good radio sounded like.  Joe use to scan the AM dial for radio announcers that stood out from the rest (he actually still does that). In fact, Joe carries a radio with him most of the timethe guy needs to get a hobby!While in high school, Joe was active in FFA and student council.  After high school, Joe attended Colby Community College and got a degree in radio broadcasting and beer drinking in 1998.

Joe has been the morning announcer on KXXX since October of 1999 where he helps produce the KXXX Auction Block, a program that has been on the air since 1948.  Joe’s show features several local and regional ag reports, some of which he produces.  Agriculture remains very important to Joe. His parents still operate the family farm, which has been in operation for 100 yearsplus Joe likes to eat!

The Kansas Association of Broadcasters awarded Joe the “Small Market DJ of the Year in 2004, 2006 and most recently in 2010.  Joe has received several awards over the years for severe weather coverage, commercial production and prerecorded public service announcements.  Another aspect of radio that Joe enjoys is wiring station equipment.   

 Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, wood working, fixing up old radios, collecting records (which his wife just loves), and playing with his dogs.  Joe is always interested in hearing stories about the history of KXXX radio.  Joe really does not care for cats, rats, bats and snakesto him they are all something that should stay in a Chinese restaurant. 

Joe and his wife Becca reside in Colby and have 2 boys, Tanner and Hayden.  The Vyzourek family continues to operate Joes DJ business which he started in 1988 at the age of 11.